Today J will do an introduction


Hi! The name’s Thomas. Julie Thomas.

My name is Julie and I have brown hair.

My name is Julie and I have brown hair.

This is my first blog post (obviously) and I have created the blog for my crisis communication class. I am currently a mass communication graduate student at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. GEAUX TIGERS! I have always wanted to create a blog so the assignment from my class was perfect timing.

I love communication and cannot wait to share my thoughts, insights, experiences and much more on this blog. You never know what I will say or what topic I will present for discussion, but I can guarantee that it will always be interesting, at least to me. This blog was created because of an assignment in my crisis communication class, so it will most likely include assignments from that class, but it will also feature other topics to my interest.

I think it is important to understand a bit about me in order to realize where certain discussion will derive from. I have always been from Louisiana, but recently relocated from Shreveport (north LA) down to Baton Rouge (south LA and the state capital). I am a foodie, especially when it comes to spicy food. I previously worked for the Shreveport-Bossier Tourist Bureau, but now I work for the Baton Rouge Tourist Bureau. If you don’t know what your local tourist bureau does, other than pass out brochures, please go to and educate yourself on the many, wonderful things your city’s tourist bureau is doing for you and the area you live in. Also I consider myself a movie maven, as well as a pop culture connoisseur. Ask me anything about popular culture and if I don’t have the answer, I will look it up on my favorite app, IMDB (Internet Movie Database). Last but not least, I have a passion for wine and John Mayer.

Me and the ghost like figure of John Mayer behind me.

Me and the ghost like figure of John Mayer behind me at his concert in Dallas, TX in 2013

I am not to big on long, strung out goodbyes, so I will make this short and sweet. Make sure you check out this blog regularly for the next thing J will say.


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